Voss Folk High School

– a non-formal education college

Voss Folk High School aims to further your personal development – in the classroom as well as outdoors.

The school

Voss Folk High School is situated directly west from the town centre. The buildings are old, traditional, red-painted and quaint. This special style creates an atmosphere that is easy to enjoy. From the school there is a beautiful view of Vangsvatnet lake and the mountains surrounding Voss. The school owns a mountain farm close to Upsete station on the Bergen-Oslo railway, and also owns a forest hut 600 meters above sea level, close to the school. The dorm buildings are spread around the campus and so are buildings where the teaching takes place. Music and video studios, pottery room, a gymnasium and other classrooms are open for activities until 11PM every day.

We offer Fresh knowledge, new proficiency plus fulfilling social experiences and valuable skills.

We have a staff with a positive attitude and a high level of competence and can give you good educational provision in a friendly, cheerful, and safe environment.

A year at Voss Folk High School is one you will never forget!


The school is well equipped, with

  • music studio for recording
  • cinema
  • computer room
  • special room for woodwork and pottery
  • sitting room with fireplace
  • TV room
  • laundry room
  • weight room
  • gym
  • a mountain farm by Uppsete
  • a cabin near the school
  • reasonable contracts with a local gym
  • reasonable contracts Voss Resort and their ski slopes

The school year

The school year starts at the end of August and lasts until mid-May. Altogether, there are 185 days of instruction, including most Saturdays. During the fall, Christmas, winter and Easter vacations, the school is closed.

The school day

The Folk High School is not constricted by a rigid curriculum. We are free to choose those subjects, themes and methods that best help us achieve our goals. Occasionally, we diverge completely from the schedule. This applies to three whole weeks where we solely concentrate on the major subjects. Should the need arise, we will change the schedule to accommodate special challenges that demand that we all work together; such as large school projects.

The Schedule

Classes take place in the daytime, with some lessons in the afternoons and evenings.

  • morning assembly: every day
  • course subject: 2 ½ days
  • common subjects and activities: 2 days
  • Saturday workshops most Saturdays
  • student nights
  • course weeks
  • projects
  • travels

Our courses

About Voss

Vossevangen is a pulsating little town with a population of approximately 14,000. Farming, tourism, trade and service industries are important economic
factors in the municipality. Voss is a cultural town. There is an active sports community, a good cinema and music concerts. The Ole Bull Academy inspires and teaches folk-music traditions to students from the whole country. The annual Voss Jazz Festival
highlights the relationship between folk-music and jazz. There are many craftsmen in the town who contribute to sustaining and developing old handcraft traditions.

The cultural life in Voss offers

  • concerts and happenings
  • renowned bands and artists
  • a new library and cinema
  • Vossa Jazz
  • Osafestivalen – folk and classical music festival
  • Extreme Sports Week

Financial information

To reserve the place NOK 2500. Board, lodging, costs for field trips, excursions, teaching materials, equipment rent, skipass etc for the whole school year: NOK kr. 101 400. In addition  you need to pay for the course, including a trip abroud from 25 600kr - 72 600kr. There will be an extra fee for single room or/ and bathroom in the room 5500. For some of the electives you need to pay extra.  If you quit during the year you have to pay for 10 weeks after the quitting date.


Write an application using this link.

Please visit folkehogskole.no

for more general information and practical information about attending a folk high school.



Please contact us for further information about the school and the courses, either by e-mail or by phone.