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Information about Voss Folkehøgskule

panorama med snø sol beskjærtChoosing VOSS you choose a beautiful school in the heart of western Norway, with mountains and rivers, trails and slopes, a meeting of great culture and beautiful scenery.

Voss Folk High School will provide an active and creative environment with time for personal growth. It is your character it is all about – not your grades! We emphasize good humor and a good and healthy lifestyle. We have adopted a saying: Move Well – Eat Well – think well. We have salad buffet, hot dishes and bread for lunch and dinner after an hour of physical activity every day based on your skill level and needs; our heads, and thoughts, we use meeting each other, meeting nature – and our many interests as we meet them in the school subjects and activities.

We have dedicated and talented teachers who really pull together so you can experience the best possible year of your life. We want you to become better acquainted with yourself. You will only learn to know yourself meeting others, and in relation to others.

We have 8 courses: Music – Folk music -Innovation – Frisport Extreeme- Sports and outdoor – Film – Computing – Fitness and health.

You are heartley welcome! Please contact us if you have any questions!
Lasse Sandberg, principal




musikkBand: interaction, vocals, arranging, genre, cover songs, your own songs

Music Production: singer-songwriter, arranging, studio-/recording


Music department has playing and interaction, communication and
understanding music in focus, private lessons on your instrument, arranging,
chords, recording CDs, choir, history and genres, listening, notes …
excursions and tours. Study trip to New York.



Folk music

Traditional music, fiddler training in collaboration with the
Ole Bull Academy.







A year on the Film course will bring out the creativity within you and teach you to work effectively and well within a team environment. Film is a practical course which works right through from the initial
idea to the finished product. Throughout the year you will be given the opportunity to make short films, music videos, documentaries, and skiing films in collaboration with the outdoor courses at the school. Voss is filled with action and you can catch this on film. We offer tours to Bergen International Film Festival. Study trip to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Hollywood


Sports and Outdoor

DSCF2529 (600 x 450)Are you interested in learning new sports and improving your skills in sports you already play? Do you enjoy being out in fresh air, being active and pushing yourself to your physical limits? Do you have a lot of energy or do you wish to have more?

Throughout the year on the Sport and Outdoor Life course, the emphasis is
upon playfulness. Here you will find room for an extensive range of physical activities, including skiing, both downhill and telemark skiing, hiking winter and summer, cycling, volleyball, football, sailing, fishing, diving, tennis, nights outdoor in tents and igloos, avalanche assessment, map and compass. This year will provide you with a deeper interest for physical activity and a greater empathy for nature and the environment. We
use Voss Resort one of Norway’s best terrain for skiing, marine life trip to the outer Sognefjord, Aurlandsfjord, hike to Upsete and more. Study trip to Lanzarote, Club La Santa



data6Want to be part of a creative data environment? Are your thoughts on a
career in data or do you just want to learn more? Keywords are graphic design, websites, coding of various kinds, hardware and graphic design, image editing and testing the programs you’ve been wanting to learn, work on real projects and gain real experience, be active in the gorgeous scenery, use humor! You get a solid foundation for further education, work and
leisure, meet the people who work in the computer industry, visiting study
sites, participating in a social environment … Study trip to San Francisco
and Silicon Valley.


Frisport Extreme

5436681278_aa62594524_oDo you like river paddling, sea kayaking, avalanche course, bouldering, climbing mountains by ski? Interested in feeling nature’s power? Challenge yourself both physically and mentally? Experience mastering, joy, harmony, and a unique fellowship with your fellow students? Develop body and mind? One year at Frisport will give you these experiences in human’s right element: nature! Voss is the perfect place for the Frisport course! Voss is
known throughout the world for its great nature for extreme sports. Every
year Voss arranges a festival dedicated to extreme sports. Voss offers
challenge for both body and mind. If you take challenges? – Then you will
get richer in experiences. You will definitely get your comfort zone
extended spending a year at Frisport in Voss in a magnificent scenery. As a
student on the course you can enjoy Voss a whole year. Study trip to
Slovenia: paddling in Soca.

 Fitness and health



grunderAre you curious and creative? Are you playful and take initiative? The
Entrepreneur course is practical, innovation and creativity are key subjects. The Innovation course will make you more focused, and give you tools for creative processes from idea to product – for marketing and sales.
We make our own projects and collaborate with external companies in Voss.
You will also be creating and operating a student company. Study trip to Study trip to San Francisco
and Silicon Valley.

The town

1255531367_voss_logoVossevangen is a pulsating little town with a population of approximately 6,000. Farming, tourism, trade and service industries are important economic
factors in the municipality. Voss is a cultural town. There is an active sports community, a good cinema and music concerts. The Ole Bull Academy inspires and teaches folk-music traditions to students from the whole country. The annual Voss Jazz Festival
highlights the relationship between folk-music and jazz. There are many craftsmen in the town who contribute to sustaining and developing old handcraft traditions.


skulen med epler (1000 x 750)The school

Voss Folk High School is situated directly west from the town centre. The buildings are old, traditional, red-painted and quaint. This special style creates an atmosphere that is easy to enjoy. From the school there is a beautiful view of Vangsvatnet lake and the mountains surrounding Voss. The school owns a mountain farm close to Upsete station on the Bergen-Oslo railway, and also owns a forest hut 600 meters above sea level, close to the school. The dorm buildings are spread around the campus and so are buildings where the teaching takes place. Music and video studios, pottery room, a gymnasium and other classrooms are open for activities until 11PM every day.


Mølstertunet venner samholdThe school day

The Folk High School is not constricted by a rigid curriculum. We are free to choose those subjects, themes and methods that best help us achieve our goals. Occasionally, we diverge completely from the schedule. This applies to three whole weeks where we solely concentrate on the major subjects.
Should the need arise, we will change the schedule to accommodate special challenges that demand that we all work together; such as large school projects.


fjelltur med voss i bakgrunnen vennerSchool year

The school year starts at the end of August and lasts until mid-May. Altogether, there are 185 days of instruction, including most Saturdays. During the fall, Christmas, winter and Easter vacations, the school is closed.

Financial information

To reserve the place NOK 2000.
Board and lodging for the whole school year: NOK kr. 85500.                                                      There will be an extra fee for single room or/ and bathroom in the room 5000.

Costs for field trips, excursions, teaching materials, etc. are from NOK kr. 10000 to 19000.
If you quit during the year you have to pay for 6 weeks after the quitting date.



Write an application using this link.


Please visit folkehogskole.no

For more general information and practical information about atteding a folk high school.




Please contact us for more information about the school and the courses.  Either by e-mail or by phone.



Voss Folkehøgskule
Eskelandsvegen 28
5704 Voss

+47 56529040 / +47 56529041

Administration – post@voss.fhs.no
Principal – rektor@voss.fhs.no



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