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Information about Voss Folkehøgskule – college without any formal education.

CollegeChoosing VOSS you choose a beautiful school in the heart of western Norway, with mountains and rivers, trails and slopes, a meeting of great culture and beautiful scenery.

Voss Folk High School will provide an active and creative environment with time for personal growth. It is your character it is all about – not your grades! We emphasize good humor and a good and healthy lifestyle. We have adopted a saying: Move Well – Eat Well – think well. We have salad buffet, hot dishes and bread for lunch and dinner after an hour of physical activity every day based on your skill level and needs; our heads, and thoughts, we use meeting each other, meeting nature – and our many interests as we meet them in the school subjects and activities.

We have dedicated and talented teachers who really pull together so you can experience the best possible year of your life. We want you to become better acquainted with yourself. You will only learn to know yourself meeting others, and in relation to others.

We have 6 courses: Music  – Extreme Sport- Sports and outdoor – Film – Computing – Fitness and health.

You are heartley welcome! Please contact us if you have any questions!
Lasse Sandberg, principal




College music

Interested in music? Want to write songs of your own, work in the studio, learn about music, go to concerts, play instruments, gain new friends and have fun in the process? Then this is the programme for you!

The music programme emphasises working with others as key to your own development. You will gain vital concert experience, standing on stage and touring. At Voss Folk High School, you will have good practice rooms and a sound studio at your disposal, along with instrument practice during school hours and instruction from inspiring teachers.

Throughout the year, you will become acquainted with different genres, and you can learn how to arrange music for ensemble, for films or simply for yourself—it’s your year to determine how you want to use it!

The trip to New York includes everything from concerts, Broadway and jazz clubs to a music education centre, sound studio and music shops.

Many a professional musician has launched his or her career from the music programme at Voss Folk High School; will you be the next one?

  • – trip to New York
  • – spend time practicing your instrument
  • – perform with new, engaging partners
  • – hold concerts and go on tour
  • – work with both the musical and technical aspects of studio recording
  • – try music of different genres and in different bands
  • – make music videos





In the film programme, we focus on creativity within all different kinds of film, including short films, documentaries, music videos with the music programme and ski films with the extreme sport and sport and outdoor activity programmes. We aim to make your ideas a reality, which is first and foremost a collective effort between you and your classmates in the programme.

We work at a high level of production, aiming to convey a message, an atmosphere, or simply a good story in each of our films. We also want to have fun in our work, and draw upon the collaboration we have with each other.

In this programme, you get to sit in the chair as producer, director, editor and cinematographer, as well as act in front of the camera. We work within small production crews in each project. At the end of the year, you will have gained experience from several film projects along with the basic skills you need in bringing your ideas to the screen.

Something is always happening in Voss and at the folk high school, like concerts, student performances, local and international skiing events and the first snow of winter, much of which we are there to document on film. Ultimately, it all ends up on screen before the entire school, reminding all students of the unforgettable year they spent at Voss Folk High School.

  • – Trip to Hollywood and San Francisco
  • – Trip to the Bergen International Film Festival
  • – An innovative and creative environment
  • – Freedom to develop your own ideas and skills
  • – Experiences you can take you forward in life


Sports and Outdoor

DSCF2529 (600 x 450)

A year in this programme will provide you with an abundance of activities: skiing, mountain hiking, bicycle tours, volleyball, football, sailing, fishing, diving, outdoor camping, learning to look out for avalanche conditions, and orienteering are just some of the experiences we have in store for you.

In this programme, we aim to visit untouched nature, where you will have unforgettable experiences in the presence of other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts. “A rich life with the bare essentials” is a meaningful motto for us.

This programme is one of the oldest folk high school programmes to combine sport with outdoor activity. Unsurprisingly, Voss is a perfect place for a programme like ours, with its active sport community, excellent sporting facilities and major sporting events held each year. Voss also boasts one of the very best ski resorts in all Northern Europe, surrounded by the dramatic natural scenery of Western Norway.

– Trip to Club La Santa on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, with windsurfing, surfing, swimming, basketball, track-and-field athletics, group exercise and tennis

  • – Trip to the Nærøyfjord, including glacier excursion
  • – The pristine coastal landscape of Solund, with traditional boating and seafood
  • – Experience the Rallarvegen bike trails, Aurlandsdalen hiking trails, and Stølen, the high school’s very own mountain pasture and hut
  • – Two-month ski course
  • – In all, one of our most social programmes




If you’re thinking about a career within IT, or even “just curious” to learn more about it, this is the programme for you!

The programme is not only focused on graphic design, programming, hardware, image editing, game development and hands-on experience. We also make time for active exploration of Voss’s wonderful natural surroundings, and—perhaps the most important skill for all computer developers—try to develop a good sense of humour!

The IT programme is a multifaceted experience, in which you get to test out new and creative ways of using computers. We aim to provide a solid foundation for taking your studies further, whether it be at university, at the workplace or simply in your free time.

Class instruction is organised around different topics, with a brief theoretical introduction followed by lots of hand-on work. In it you will experience all sides of development, not simply the technical aspects.

Apart from assignments within the different classes, we work on projects that are rooted in the students’ interests.

We also work together with other programmes at the school, giving you the chance to learn a lot about whatever you like!


  • – Trip to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Silicon Valley
  • – Visiting educational institutions and businesses
  • – Graphic design, photo and image editing, webpage design and programming, game development in Unity, hardware, computer programming
  • – Special projects where you gain practical experience
  • – Choose your own path of instruction and learning, with support from others


Frisport Extreme


Are you ready for a year in which every day is a new adventure?

Voss is universally acknowledged as the mecca of extreme sport, drawing people from around the globe who seek the challenge and the thrill that comes from its multifaceted natural surroundings. The extreme sport programme at Voss Folk High School is designed to take advantage of these conditions throughout the year, and includes skiing, kayaking and hiking with other thrill-seekers like you. This programme allows a small and exclusive group of no more than twelve students to experience extreme sport in Voss.

The nature both in and around Voss is at once challenging and beautiful, and will be at your disposal all year in this programme. You will learn how to get more out of each day through exciting outdoor activities along with a good diet.

  • – Field trip to Soca, Slovenia
  • – Learning both cooperation and individuality
  • – Personal development and a sense of accomplishment in the outdoors
  • – Getting a boost from adrenaline and endorphins
  • – Some of the world’s best rivers for kayaking
  • – Up- and downhill hiking and skiing

 Fitness and health


The exercise and health programme is suited to those who love exercising and would like to learn more about health and nutrition. In it, you will learn about how strength, endurance and physical exercise have a positive impact on health, mind and body, as well as how to build an effective workout routine for yourself and others.

A year in the exercise and health programme will give you a good understanding of how diet affects our overall health, what constitutes a good diet and which diet is best forpromoting muscle strength and repair.

Some of the instruction in this programme will take place at a local exercise studio, including indoor cycling, group exercise sessions and personal trainin .

Many of the activities take place outdoors, such as hiking, jogging, cycling, navigating a boot camp and tackling the ski slopes at Voss Resort. The exercise and health programme will improve your knowledge of diet, nutrition, exercise instruction and physiology, all of which can be useful in a future course of study—not to mention in developing a fulfilling, healthy lifestyle.


  • – Field trip to Spain
  • – Learning to enjoy exercise
  • – Fellowship with others
  • – Sense of accomplishment
  • – Getting and staying in shape
  • – Gain knowledge and skills within exercise, physiology and health
  • – Personal guidance and development


The town

1255531367_voss_logoVossevangen is a pulsating little town with a population of approximately 6,000. Farming, tourism, trade and service industries are important economic
factors in the municipality. Voss is a cultural town. There is an active sports community, a good cinema and music concerts. The Ole Bull Academy inspires and teaches folk-music traditions to students from the whole country. The annual Voss Jazz Festival
highlights the relationship between folk-music and jazz. There are many craftsmen in the town who contribute to sustaining and developing old handcraft traditions.


skulen med epler (1000 x 750)The school

Voss Folk High School is situated directly west from the town centre. The buildings are old, traditional, red-painted and quaint. This special style creates an atmosphere that is easy to enjoy. From the school there is a beautiful view of Vangsvatnet lake and the mountains surrounding Voss. The school owns a mountain farm close to Upsete station on the Bergen-Oslo railway, and also owns a forest hut 600 meters above sea level, close to the school. The dorm buildings are spread around the campus and so are buildings where the teaching takes place. Music and video studios, pottery room, a gymnasium and other classrooms are open for activities until 11PM every day.


Mølstertunet venner samholdThe school day

The Folk High School is not constricted by a rigid curriculum. We are free to choose those subjects, themes and methods that best help us achieve our goals. Occasionally, we diverge completely from the schedule. This applies to three whole weeks where we solely concentrate on the major subjects.
Should the need arise, we will change the schedule to accommodate special challenges that demand that we all work together; such as large school projects.


fjelltur med voss i bakgrunnen vennerSchool year

The school year starts at the end of August and lasts until mid-May. Altogether, there are 185 days of instruction, including most Saturdays. During the fall, Christmas, winter and Easter vacations, the school is closed.

Financial information

To reserve the place NOK 2000.
Board and lodging for the whole school year: NOK kr. 89000.                                                      There will be an extra fee for single room or/ and bathroom in the room 5000.
For some of the cources you will need a Skicard that costs aprox. 3900kr.

Costs for field trips, excursions, teaching materials, etc. are from NOK kr. 11000 to 19500.
If you quit during the year you have to pay for 6 weeks after the quitting date.



Write an application using this link.


Please visit folkehogskole.no

For more general information and practical information about atteding a folk high school.




Please contact us for more information about the school and the courses.  Either by e-mail or by phone.



Voss Folkehøgskule
Eskelandsvegen 28
5704 Voss

+47 56529040 / +47 56529041

Administration – post@voss.fhs.no
Principal – rektor@voss.fhs.no



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